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The Sacral Chakra is associated with sensuality and creativity. The primary function of this energy center is pleasure and overall enjoyment of life. When this chakra is balanced and functioning properly, we can expect our relationship with ourselves and the world to feel harmonious, pleasureful, and nurturing.

This bracelet is made with high vibrational crystals that are best suited to the sacral chakra and come full of balancing energy, creativity, confidence, and deeply nurturing vibes. They are bright and boundless, and they help arouse an appetite for a fuller, richer and more vibrant life.

CARNELIAN has the ability to boost passion, intuition and self-belief. Its warm joyful energy will revitalise and balance the Sacral Chakra, helping you to move forward with renewed confidence.

SUNSTONE is a light, energising and joyful crystal that has a radiance for happiness. It restores enjoyment of life, balances personal power, and improves intuition, which are all part of the Svadhisthana’s purpose.

GOLDSTONE's link to the Sacral Chakra makes it perfect for personal development and achieving your life purpose, while calming and stabilising emotions in the process.

TIGERS EYE balances the yin-yang and emotional body and is masterful for stabilising mood swings and releasing fears. It brings forth the tiger’s courage, and with it comes the confidence of self-knowledge and success.

ORANGE AVENTURINE is a manifestor of exciting possibilities! It connects with our Sacral Chakra helping to inspire creativity and imagination by dissolving blockages and allowing energy to flow.

Sacral Chakra Bracelet

  • This handmade gemstone bracelet is made with AAA Grade crystals, picked and arranged to utilise their best qualities and is strung on strong stretchy cord.

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