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Cleansing & Charging your Crystals

Its important to know how to cleanse and charge your crystals at home to remove any negative energy and activate their healing and grounding properties so they can continue to channel their positive vibes. Here are a few of the most popular ways to keep them working for you.

using the moon to smudge your crystals


One  of the oldest methods of charging & cleansing crystals is to use moon energies. Moonlight cleansing is a delicate method but can be especially effective during a full moon. When the moon is bright with full potential, it can help increase your crystal’s vibrational energy. Place your crystals overnight in moonlight.


When your crystals become a bit dull in appearance or effectiveness, the best way to charge them is to return them to natural light. Place the crystal directly under sunlight for about 4 hours but make sure not to expose them to the full midday sun.  The best time would be either early in the morning or catch the evening sun.

using sunlight to smudge your crystals
using running water to smudge your crystals

Running Water

It is believed that water can be a great cleansing neutralizer for all the negative energy which can become inadvertently stored in crystals. Make sure that the crystals you are working with are compatible with water. Place your crystals directly under natural rain, or in a stream, for approximately 4 to 5 minutes. Personally I would not use tap water due to the chemicals.


Smudging is an ancient cleansing method used in many cultures to cleanse items, rooms and other things of negative energy by inviting positive energy. There are a variety of smudges available including sage, palo santo, sweetgrass, black sage,  lavender and cedar.

Pass your crystals through the smouldering smudge for about a minute. 

burning sage to cleanse crystals
using selenite to cleanse and charge


Selenite is mother of both cleansing and and recharging other crystals.  It has powerful healing energies while enhancing powers of manifestations. It  absorbs any negative energy from your crystals and charges it with positive energy. Your crystals will look and feel lighter and more energized.

It is worth noting that cleansing and charging are two different things. Cleansing removes bad vibes, and charging restores a crystal's natural power and attributes.

In addition there are many other ways to both cleanse and charge your crystals: cleansing with soil, breath, visualisation, meditation, brown rice, and salt. From a personal point of view I recommend against using salt - although this is a favourite method with some people - purely because salt is corrosive and some of the more fragiles gemstones might disintegrate!

However you decide to cleanse and charge your crystals is personal to you and you can explore the many different ways before you settle with the one you feel works best for you.

Smudges for cleansing and charging
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