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About earthstonelove

About the shop owner of earthstonelove

First and foremost I'm no "new kid on the block" ! I own and run a shop on Etsy by the same name and have over 8,000 sales and happy customers.  Prior to that, and during my 10 year stay in the USA, I owned  thegemnebula for 6 years and I was very lucky to have amazing customers who braved my relocation to the UK and continued to support my business which made opening earthstonelove so much easier despite having to re-brand and open a new shop and for that I will be eternally grateful.


Gemstones and fossils played an important part when I was growing up so it was a natural progression that I followed a path that allowed me to work with them.


Mother Natures rocks have always called to me! Growing up I used to go fossil hunting with my family in old quarries and I found some amazing pieces - some of which still take pride of place on my mantelpiece! 

Designing always called to me so I decided to pursue it further. I started out just making bracelets for family and friends and they loved them! I had a "light bulb" moment and decided to could combine the two things I love - designing and crystals!

I studied hard, looking into the best mixtures of crystals that would compliment each other and give off the best vibes and whilst living in the USA I attended and graduated from the Holistic Arts Institute where I specialised as a Crystal Therapy Practitioner. 


Crystals really can help.  And they do, for so many people. They are a great source of positive energy for you to tap into and use, wherever you are and each bracelet I make has a purpose whether its creating a positive shield to protect you or assisting you on your fertility journey.


I focus on healing body, mind and soul by way of a natural healing alternative to others so we can appreciate the everyday moments of our lives.

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