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The crystals featured in this bracelet offer protective energies and peaceful vibrations:


LEPIDOLITE handles the stress, anxiety, fear, and lower emotions from others that mostly overwhelm empaths. It also clears any form of blockage that leads to the building up of negative energy and acts as a filter as it helps in dissipate the energies, feelings, and impressions that you don’t need to absorb.


LABRADORITE is one of the best stones for protecting against energy coming from other people. It efficiently deflects undesirable energies, preventing psychic vampirism as well as spirit possession / influence. It creates a shield which balances & protects the aura.


BLACK TOURMALINE is another protector that acts as a shield against someone with a strong influence or electromagnetic frequency pollution. Empaths absorb EMFs quite readily and Black Tourmaline can help to absorb any electromagnetic energy and push it away.


HEMATITE is the perfect grounding stone, keeping the aura connected with the earth, which is where we absorb healing energy. It helps with focus and feeling centred, strengthening the base chakra. Wear it while walking barefoot on the earth to compound its effects.

Protection and Positive Energy Bracelet

  • This handmade gemstone bracelet is made with AAA Grade crystals, picked and arranged to utilise their best qualities and is strung on strong stretchy cord.

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