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When a body goes through something so momentous, it needs and deserves support. The Childbirth Bracelet was created for you to wear to feel calm and relaxed and believe that the birth of your child will be a safe and wonderful experience.

Chrysocolla connects with and celebrates the feminine power within. It brings peace and serenity and relaxes the mind.

Malachite is known as the “midwives stone” and is best for women who desire protection from negative energies during childbirth.

Moss Agate helps release fear and emotional blockages that might be holding you back and increases hope and optimism.

Rose Quartz has a very loving, nurturing and calming energy. It’s excellent to wear to be in the energy of love.

Amethyst can transmute lower vibrations to higher frequencies, transforming negative energy to positive.

Moonstone is the Divine Feminine stone, as it covers the shifting energies can help balance the spirit, opening the heart chakra.

Childbirth and Labour Support Bracelet

  • This handmade gemstone bracelet is made with AAA Grade crystals, picked and arranged to utilise their best qualities and is strung on strong stretchy cord.

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