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This crystal and smudging set has been put together for its powerful spiritual detox properties. Perfect for meditation or self cleanse rituals.

Each set is carefully and lovingly crafted and contains:
* Jerusalem Sage Smudge (10cm)
* Palo Santo (10cm)
* Raw selenite piece (3cm)
* Raw green fluorite crystal (3-4cm)
* Raw Rose Quartz crystal (3-4cm)
* Muslin drawstring bag
* Guide and instructions on how to safely use your set.

Fluorite is a stone used for its spiritual detoxification abilities and tendency to transform negative energy into positive energy.

Rose Quartz has a deep vibration and attunement with the goddess energy. It is connected with the feminine divine.

Selenite is a stone of purity and spirituality. It has high vibrations and deep healing energy.

Jerusalem Sage is a strong ally when you are out of touch with living as Spirit and works strongly your spiritual self.

Palo Santo can eliminate negative energy, creating a calmer, more tranquil space.

Spiritual Cleansing Smudge Set

  • This handmade smudge set is lovingly placed in a muslin bag and sent in a box. Each item has been carefully selected and lovingly crafted.

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