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This positive smudge set is perfect for burning to free a certain space or your own mind of negative energy as part of your meditation ritual or to create a positive protective vibe in your home. Mindful meditation can actually change your brain and help you handle stress and burning sage helps you relax and enter a more focused brain space.

Each set is carefully and lovingly crafted and contains:
* White Sage and flower Smudge (10cm)
* Sweetgrass Braid (12cm)
* Homegrown Lavender
* Amethyst Crystal (2-3cm)
* Muslin drawstring bag
* Guide and instructions on how to safely use your set.

Sweetgrass has a soft sweet scent that soothes, makes you cheerful and expels negative energy. It attracts good spirits and positive energies.

White Sage is used for cleansing and purification. It is thought to banish negative energy, not only on the physical level but also emotionally and spiritually.

Lavender is used in combination with white sage and sweetgrass as a smudge to cleanse your environment of negativity, and neutralize any stale, lingering bad vibes.

Amethyst is a powerful protector from all types of negativity and has a high spiritual vibration.

Positive Purple Energy Smudge Set

  • This handmade smudge set is lovingly placed in a muslin bag and sent in a box. Each item has been carefully selected and lovingly crafted.

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