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This bundle includes hand-selected Palo Santo, Selenite & Lavender , a powerful combination of natural elements to purify your space and promote positive energy.


Palo Santo sticks are known for their aromatic and cleansing properties. When burned, Palo Santo releases a fragrant and uplifting scent that helps clear negative energy, allowing for a fresh start.


Selenite is a crystal known for its ability to cleanse and protect against negative influences. Selenite has a gentle yet potent energy that helps to purify and recharge other crystals and the surrounding environment.


Lavender is renowned for its relaxing aroma and ability to promote tranquility, making it an ideal addition to your cleansing rituals.


Each set is carefully selected, lovingly crafted and contains:
* 10cm Palo Santo Stick
* 5cm Selenite wand
* Homegrown Dried Lavender
* Muslin drawstring bag
* Guide and instructions on how to safely use your set.

Palo Santo, Selenite & Lavender Cleansing Bundle

  • This handmade smudge set is lovingly placed in a muslin bag and sent in a box. Each item has been carefully selected and lovingly crafted.

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